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Your project should be fire

Our temporary structures work as a canvas for your creative vision. The sleek, neutral, and adaptable designs seamlessly accommodate branding and scenic elements.


Our team of design, scenic, A/V integration, and fabrication experts will work with you to bring your vision into reality. Rentals and custom builds available upon request.

Modular temporary steel structure designs for experimental interactions at festivals and events


Our team can design custom structures to suit your needs.

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Raven Steel Structures are crafted with heavy-duty steel, these structures boast unparalleled load-bearing capacity and offer a solid foundation for any event activation, supported by over a decade of field testing to maximize durability and versatility.

Our steel structures are built to travel and transform. They optimize trailer space and transportation costs by leveraging a modular design for quick assembly and disassembly with a minimal crew.

Need climate control? No problem - our structures are designed to to be easily enclosed for air-conditioned comfort and can easily be integrated with event provided HVAC / Power connections or arrive with their own.

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