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  • Decor

Attention to detail is crucial in creating the ultimate event. Nest challenges itself to leave no space unadorned and uses unconventional thinking methods to design one of a kind environments for every event. 

  • Art

The Nest team began as a group of structural artists seeking to produce large scale installations and activations that pushed the boundaries of possibility and interaction. Each new idea, from clients or teammate, is a challenge. Because of this competition Nest is also able to curate assemblies of the best installation artists in the world for any event.


NEST Production Design is the Raven PMG design think- tank. Nest is where clients ideas are grown and hatched. With a focus on the final product, Nest provides creative design solutions for all of Raven's clients and works eagerly to design new and exciting ways for events and products to reach their audience. A staff of internationally recognized production designers, architects, and fabricators work together to make even the most far-fetched ideas effective realities within the entertainment industry.

  • SITE

From site analysis to layout and execution Nest site designs embellish the most defining characteristics of a site while maintaining a skeptical eye for safety. Each element of the site comes alive in the most dramatic and efficient way possible.

  • Structures

Nest was founded by architects and artists tired with the banal designs of corporate event structures. From ground up this team seeks to design the most contemporary and awe-inspiring temporary architecture possible for each of its clients.

  • Engineering

Safety takes priority in everything designed by Nest and executed by Raven. With each new idea this team works tirelessly to ensure its safety with advanced software analysis, physical load testing, and licensed engineering reports.



Raven Fabrication is what separates Raven PMG from the pack. A team of mad scientists works around the clock to bring the most far fetched ideas to life using cutting edge technology and battle-tested methods. This laboratory is the heart of Raven and leaps at the opportunity to explore and invent. Innovation is key to a successful event and with each new idea comes a new set of challenges that is the fuel that drives Raven Frabrication.



Using Computer Numerical Control Raven Fabrication is able to construct with ultimate precision. From custom case asseembly to large scale installations. The scope of services are endless. Raven Fabrication's understanding of thresholds, material properties, and tool paths allows it to push the boundary of CNC aided design.

  • Thermoforming + Rapid prototyping 

Raven Fabrication utilizes three dimensional molds created by CNC or 3D printers to rapidly deploy highly precise custom parts, and can visualize and create virtually anything. Coupling this with an advanced thermoforming system creates endless opportunity for high volume custom manufacturing for use in lighting, decor, art, and staging.

  • SteeL + aluminum 

By employing 4 different welding processes, Raven Fabrication can construct and engineer advanced structural and ornamental projects. Custom staging, rigging, and lighting parts are often invented in this workshop to manipulate and create perfect solutions.

  • Integrated systems installation 

Raven Fabrication specializes in AV and Lighting installations and uses advanced technology to produce custom solutions to fit any venue or event application. This also applies for large scale special effects like pneumatic, pyrotechnic, and other high pressure systems.

  • interactive technology 

Virtual Reality, Simulated Reality, 4D experiences; The future is now and Raven Fabrication couldn't be more excited. Whatever the idea, bring it on! This workshop excels at making the most interactive and seamlessly immersive experiences possible.

Event Production

Raven constantly challenges itself to bring revolutionary production solutions to all of its clients. From the smallest night club events to entire festival sites Raven is there to tackle and enhance the experience with state of the art sound equipment, avant-garde lighting systems, and cutting edge video solutions. From basic stage arrangements to multi-level risers and platforms, Raven excels at creating memorable experiences for patrons and artists. This team works hard to take your experience to the next level and is constantly outdoing itself across all fields of event production.

  • Audio

State of the art audio systems controlled by the best audio technicians in the business can create or destroy at a clients request. Audio solutions as a force to be reckoned with.

  • Special Effects

Lasers, Cryogenics, Pyro, Confetti, whatever the effect Raven is there, eagerly awaiting to pop it off.


  • Staging

Raven stages are dependable and designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. Raven's team of designers and engineers work tirelessly to make the most complex stages a rock solid reality.

  • Lighting

Raven began as a lighting company and has one of the largest lighting inventories in New Orleans. Coupled with a team of mad scientist lighting designers; this is a perfect storm.

  • Video 

From projectors to high resolution video walls Raven constantly pushes the boundaries of video applications through custom fabrication and interactive media, whatever it takes to blow minds.  

  • Content

With a keen eye for detail, Raven's camera operators and content editors can create content from scratch for any application. From creation to display Raven brings its clients ideas to life.


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Event Management

Raven is happy to work with clients in any capacity, from rental all the way to turn-key production management. This team works to understand the intricacies of every new project and to provide a solution that not only works for you but that stands out from the rest. From operations to staffing and run of show, Raven will ensure an events success with technical proficiency and dedication.

  • Staffing

When a client hires Raven they are not hiring an army of unskilled and disorganized labor, but an eager and highly skilled staff of handlers, riggers, technicians and directors who live for another opportunity to learn and overcome the constant challenges of event production.

  • technical direction

Raven approaches technical direction from the ground up with an innate focus on cleanliness and organization. Meticulous attention to system paths allows the Raven team to think through and unlock the full potential of every state of the art system it uses.

  • run of show

Raven is happy to provide any form of backline from simple speech setups to full bands. Audio technicians on this team will ensure that every piece of equipment is ready and functioning properly for a flawless event.

  • Video direction

From music videos to live image magnification at concerts and ceremonies the Raven team couples cutting edge digital capture with highly experienced post processing and live switching video techs.

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