L-System - Luna Fete 2016

L-System is an exploration in the complex layering of sound, light, and organic architecture. Based on the L-System responsible for plant growth patterns and behavior, the installation uses this basic organic algorithm to determine its form, lighting, and audio patterns using pressure sensors stimulated by its audience as a point of departure. Developed for Luna Fete 2016. 

The Drum Machine won the LUNA Fête prize!

The Drum Machine was selected by the Art Council of New Orleans juror, as the best LUNA Fete Community Constellation Installation!

"Raven PMG's Drum Machine was certainly a standout this year. The interactive playable installation continuously stopped viewers in their tracks and drew them in to watch and participate. At moments it felt like the building and audience were "playing" with one another, which I loved. Use of new technology and multimedia, the architecture, the audience participation were integral to this work, which made it stand out as a clears winner for me. It as a delight to see the building's facade burst into action and react as audience members with varying musical aptitudes pressed and probed buttons and played the connected keyboards and drum pads. I look forward to following the work of Raven PMGm and the work of the other artists and artist groups, as they continue to grow and develop their concepts ever further," said Francino.

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